Active participation and leadership in research projects at both national and European level that allow us working in various lines of research (Improvement of process engineering, Development of systems to help decision making, Extraction and knowledge management).

Mo3Dlling 2016/7

BEinCPPS – Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems (G.A Nº 680633). Intelligent monitoring and visualization of injection process and smart moulds. Mo3Dlling optimizes, develops and implements expert models based on Machine Learning techniques for analysing the real time mould performance based on in-cavity sensor data, encoding and projecting the sensor data into a clustered 3D featured space for fast and easy process control and part quality classification.


H2020-FoF-2014-1. Research and innovation action. “PREdictiVe system to recommend Injection mold sEtup in Wireless sensor networks. The objective of this project is to develop a Cyber Physical System (CPS) for plastic injection manufacturing processes monitoring, control and optimization, by incorporating several innovative and cutting edge technological solutions: advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning.


R&D European Project (REA) 7PM. This project develops an informative collaborative platform that is globally available on the network for education and training professionals, and which enables organizing training activities based on the localization of participants. The aim of PLASTIA is to shift the “intelligence” of the manufacturing processes based on tools from the production units (PLCs) to the tools themselves: this way, the tool becomes the “soul” of the production, carrying out most documentation, traceability and control resources.

Des-MOLD 2012

R&D European project 7PM. The aim of this project to build up a new generation of intelligent knowledge-based engineering systems for added-value injection molding and process control optimization at the design time, directly transferable and usable by the European Tool Makers community and thermoplastic injection companies, and considering as a whole the entire industrialization and production process.

S-EBIT 2010

R&D National project (CDTI). This project develops a new concept of structural light pieces for the car industry in which Plastia has carried out the conceptual development and the integration of the control element, as well as of the whole hardware of communication and the sensors part necessary to provide with "intelligence" the integrated system prototype of manufacture.


R & D National project – Plastia Leeds this Project which aims the creation of a system recommander using distributed semantic search for Selection processes.

IBE RM 2009

National project – This is a Rapid Manufacturing´s great project (subdivided in 5 subprograms), Plastia takes part in the TIC’s subprogram " integration of specificities of the technologies in the solutions TIC´s”.

cvREMOD 2009

National project. R&D in new technologies (telecare and telemonitoring) for treating cardiovascular diseases. Plastia is participing en 3 of the 5 Work packages of the project. The project aims to carry out R&D with a view to generating IT databases, models and tools for investigating cardiovascular diseases.


Nacional Project. Software de Simulación de Procesos Industriales (coordinado por PLASTIA Development of a scalable platform of simulation of production based on technologies of virtual and adaptable reality to any industrial sector, machinery or process.


The project EMOLDE (TSI-020500-2010-167) has been co-funded for the Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio, in the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011. Plastia takes part in the Project called “Mechatronic molds arising connected through internet” .

MADE4U 2008

European Project. “Business Models for User Centred Products” This project aim is to establish a new business model within the ophthalmic industry to allow the user to provide a fully customized product. Plastia is in charge of communications platform and Collaborative environments.

Sonoplast 2008

European Project. The goal of Sonoplast is to make a totally revolutionary concept for the process of plastification and molding of micro and mini parts based on the use of ultrasound, in order to respond flexibly, reliable, cost effective and efficient to the needs of suppliers of Microsystems.

EBIT 2008

National project (Generalitat de Catalunya). “Extrusion blow moulding injection technology”. New technology of manufacture from the multiprocess combination applied to pieces of complex geometry and with integration of functions.


National project. The portal has been developed to orientate, canalizing and joining entrepreneurs with entities of investment, principally of Risk capital and Business Angels, using technologies(skills) of Artificial Intelligence.

FORMULe 2007

National Project. Introduction of a new product based on technologies of “digital writing” for the automatic digitalization of paper forms in project environments of engineering.


National project. Plastia takes part in the analysis of the methodology of the implantation for opportunities of improvement by means of the application of advanced systems of management and ERPs in the organization.

GESTION 2.0 2007

National Project. Integral system of Corporate Management. Plastia takes charge of the functional Specification, design and development of the prototype of the broker of contents, and dissemination in the scientific - technological area.


National Project. Research for the development of new technologies based on embedded systems for the traceability, the data mining and extraction of knowledge of production variables in moulds industrial processes.


National Project. Research and development of technologies for a broker of contents applied to the advice in software free for the PYME´s . PLASTIA developed Multi Agent´s prototype System for the brokerage of contents of free software.


2007 European Project. “SME Supply Chain Integration for Enhanced Fully Customisable Medical Implants, using New Biomaterials and Rapid Manufacturing Technologies, to Enhance the Quality of Life for EU Citizens. In this 4 year project, PLASTIA was member of the Board of Directors and responsible for the development of the workflow platform.


European Project . “Total Life Cycle Approach for Efficient and Networking Plastic Injection Moulding Processes”. The aim of this project was to define a new concept of plastic injection processes, in which the tools will pass from passive elements to become active elements of network with insersion of knowledge. PLASTIA carried out the R&D adapted to the control of the information generated by the injection molds.


European Project. “Competitive Research and Innovation for the European Plastics Processing Supply Chain”.


National Project. “Software Free for the companies of the industrial segment of plastic & metallic transformed".

eSeSME 2004

European Project. “Electronic Services for SMEs in the Plastics Supply Chain”. PLASTIA actúa como desarrollador de la plataforma de eBusiness para explotar el “Centro Virtual del Plástico”.


National Project. “Tool tic to improve the efficiency of the design and manufacture of customized implants”.

NetMould 2005

National Project. “Technologies for the efficient integration of the mold in nets based on the knowledge.


National Project. “e recruitment of new professional profiles for the globalization and the industrial design”.


National Project. “Expert system for the validation and setting on of a machine- mould in the process of plastic injection mould”.


National Project. “Mould-Making in an internet-worked world.


European Project. “Initiative For The Improvement Of Development And Innovation Potential For Spanish, Portuguese And Southern France Plastic Processing Enterprises By Means Of Information Technologies”.


National Project. “Plan for the improvement of the competitiveness of companies of the sectors of transformed plastic Spanish by means of the utilization of the ICT’s”.


National Project. “Mold makers ecluster”. Business portal to give support to the flow of work of a Catalonian mold makers cluster.


National Project. “Portal for the solution of the workflow vertical model in the supply chain of plastic processed.


National Project. “e- catalogue for normalized suppliers”.